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Upholstery and Drapes

Drapes and upholstery are the personality of any room. So when they are less than clean, there is a notable change in personality. Drapes and upholstery can absorb odors, smoke and smells, which are noticed as you walk into a room. Giving your furniture a professional cleaning, using top of the line equipment and products will restore that new-like feeling you had when you purchased them.

Most people don't have the time to clean their drapes and upholstery, and when they do, we end up cleaning the dirt they missed, as well as the products they applied. You can do better!

Call today at to schedule an appointment to have your drapes and upholstery cleaned. We will always respect your furniture and drapes, providing top of the line equipment and products. Our professional steam equipment provides a lasting clean like a breath of fresh air!

Call today to schedule a cleaning. In Indiana, call (219) 440.2880. In Illinois, call (708) 339.6753.