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Tile and Grout

Tile and grout are well known for their durability. And their difficulty to clean. After so much mopping, tile can lose it's luster. Grout can turn dark. One of the best ways to clean either quickly is a good professional steam cleaning.

Smoke, spills, mud, dirt, pets and food are cleaned quickly, but not completely. Little by little, they leave something behind. That's why you need a steam clean, and a clean that Steam King Cleaners provides.

We use top of the line equipment and products, so we know what works on your tile and grout. We provide a professional steam cleaning, respect your furniture and walls, and leave your room with that "smells good" feeling that will last a while. Inspecting the work will be owner operator Steve Anczer, who is at every job.

We specialize in affordable carpet, upholstery, tile, grout and drapery steam cleaning and sanitizing.

Call today to schedule a cleaning. In Indiana, call (219) 440.2880. In Illinois, call (708) 339.6753.